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May 2017 Metronome Magazine Interview


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CD Review from Metronome Magazine

"After repeated listenings you'll agree, Escape from Alpha proves to be a diamond in the rough from a very clever quartet of rockers." (Doug Sloan, March 2017)


On The Air

"I love it, good music..." (Adam12, Radio BDC Broadcast, January 30, 2017)

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CD Review from The Noise (December 2016)


First of all: PLAY LOUD. Second of all, don’t listen to this collection expecting something either completely serious and conventional or something reputably avant-garde and somewhat boring. This is a curious mix of punk rock conventions yoked to bizarre, Queen-like grandiosity, as on the opening snippet “Dependable.” We return to slightly more familiar territory with the buzzing, synth-slathered opening bars of “Mistake,” which segue neatly into prog-style pomp backed by yobbo-style vocals and furiously churning percussion, all topped by tottering guitars. “Song Embryo” continues the trend with an angular guitar line and shouted vocals with a spooky, ominous refrain. “Scrumble 47” is an anthem of sorts, appealingly goofy and replete with an ooh-la-la chorus. “Did It Again” is a simplistic j’accuse which carries an interesting guitar-bass one-two punch. “God Damn” is like a slowed-down Sex Pistols number as channeled through Steppenwolf. “Uh Huh” has an urgent keening guitar line surrounded by super-heavy riffing replete with nightmarish shouting and ending in turbulent confusion. A goofy, romping rampage, mostly. (Francis DiMenno)


Live Show

"I need a change of underpants!" (Anonymous show attendee, 2016)